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服飾以奇幻及浪漫風格為主,並注重比例,線條及細節設計, 每件出品均親手製作,


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Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine 03b- SDGr

Be My Valentine 01b- SDGr

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Dollfie Dream Avalon vol.3

Hi everyone,

Dreamy Fantasia is attending the DD only event in Hong Kong today, Dollfie Dream Avalon vol.3~ For more details, please check the official website~

My booth is A01. A brand new lingerie set is launched in this event, Be My Valentine. Please come to check this lastest set~

Hope to see you today~!

Dreamy Fantasia


Dollvie 2016

Hello eveyone,

I am going to attend Dollvie 2016 on 23rd and 24th July. My booth number is C8. I look forward to seeing you in this event~! Please visit Dollvie 2016 offical website for more details~

Two new lingerie sets will be launched in this event. One of them is bra and panty set while the other is babydoll and boyleg panty set. Both of them are in very summery mood. I am sure they suit this season a lot.

There will also be Sweet Summer lingerie set and some other lingerie sets, accessories as well. I believe this will be the last batch of stock for Sweet Summer lingerie set sell on 2016 events. Please come to my booth to have a look if you have missed the set few years back~

Quantities of all products are limited, so, please don't hesitate to come early if you are interested~ I look forward to seeing you in the coming Saturday and Sunday~

Dreamy Fantasia


Doll in Cabinet Vol. 1

Hello everyone,

Dreamy Fantasia is attending the new doll event, Doll in Cabinet , on this Saturday, 12th March. For more details , please visit their homepage Doll on Cabinet.

My booth will be on E8. There will be my best seller, Sweet Summer lingerie set, for SDGr size and a few DD L bust size. And some other lingerie sets, accessories as well. Quantities are limited, so, please don't hesitate to come early if you are interested~

I hope to see you all on the event~

Dreamy Fantasia

Updates for Sweet Summer lingerie set

Hello customers,

Preorders of Sweet Summer lingerie set is completed! I had contacted all of the customers for details of delivery. Please check your whatsapp contact for more details. Please let me know if you haven't received the message, I will get back to you very soon.

Dreamy Fantasia

After Dollfie Dream Avalon Vol. 2

Hello everyone,

Thank you again for all your support today! I am sure everyone had a nice day on this enjoyable event~

For customers who preordered.Sweet Summer set, the production is going to start soon. I will contact all of you once the lingerie set is finished.

Once again, thank you!

Dreamy Fantasia

Dollfie Dream Avalon Vol.2

Hello everyone. Dreamy Fantasia is attending Dollfie Dream Avalon Vol 2 now on booth A01~

Thank you for all your support Sweet Summer for DD L bust size are sold out! Pre-order for both DD L or M Bust size is now avaliable on the event~

Enjoy your day~

Dreamy Fantasia

New Year's Greeting 2016

Happy New year to everyone.
Dreamy Fantasia will continue design and make different gorgeous outfits in 2016.
Thank you for supporting Dreamy Fantasia in 2015. Best wishes to everyone and once again, Happy New Year~!

Dreamy Fantasia

I.Doll Hong Kong 2015

Hello everyone~ Thank you for coming I.Doll Hong Kong yesterday and all your support to Dreamy Fantasia.

Let me share some pictures of my works for this event.

Christmas Elf with red and dark green versions.

Velouette in baby pink and Turquise.

Velouette in baby blue and accessories set Miss Aries.

Since I still have some orders to finish and I have a business trip next week. The production period of I.Doll HK preorders will be longer then usual as I explained yesterday. Thank you for your patience and support . All items will be finished as scheduled as I mentioned. Christmas items are scheduled to work on first, then the lingerie sets.

Once again, thank you for all your love and support. They mean a lot to me and I am so glad that you love these works. If you have any questions about anything, please feel free to contact me.

Dreamy Fantasia

Shop is temporary closed until 30 November 2015

Hello everyone,

Due to I.Doll Hong Kong on 29th November, shop will be temporary closed since I will focus on preparing products for the event. Shop will be closed until 30 November 2015. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

Dreamy Fantasia

Dreamy Fantasia @ I.Doll Hong Kong

Hello everyone!

Dreamy Fantasia is confirmed to exhibit in I.Doll Hong Kong. The event will take place on 29th November, 2015 at booth A07~08 If you are interested, please visit the offical web site as above for more information!.

I will prepare some works for winter and of course for Christmas ! There will be some lingerie sets as usual. I hope to meet you all in the event!

Dreamy Fantasia