Progress of Pre-order for Milky Starry Night (Dollvie 2015)

Dear customers,

Thank you for your patience! Orders for Milky Starry Night are all ready to ship! I had arranged meeting with Hong Kong customers today. For overseas customers, I will check shipping fee and contact you within tomorrow.

Have a nice day!

Dreamy Fantasia

Progress of Pre-order for Dollvie 2015

Hello customers, pre-orders for Sweet Lady and Bliss of Spring set had been finished and ready to ship !
Please kindly check the contact you had given me to arrange pick up or shipping of the above products. Thank you!

For customers who pre-ordered Milky Starry Night, thank you for your patience and the orders are in progress.
Due to the massive amount of pre-orders, they are scheduled to be ready within next week. Sorry for the delay and thank you for your understanding and patience!
If you have any problem, please feel free to contact me.

For further info of the above 3 sets to those who did not attend Dollvie 2015 or overseas customers, I will update this blog after all pre-orders finished. Thank you for your patience. I am sure you will love this 3 new sets.

Have a nice day!

Dreamy Fantasia

各位顧客,Sweet Lady 及 Bliss of Spring 內衣套裝的預約份已經完成並已聯絡各位安排交收事項。請各位務必查閱及回覆,謝謝各位。

Milky Starry Night 的預約份已經在製作中,並預計下星期內可以完成並安排交收事項。由於訂單眾多,在此為完成日期的延誤致歉。在此感謝各位的諒解和耐心,若您遇到任何問題,請跟我聯絡,本人將盡力解答,謝謝。

以上3套新款內衣的詳細頁面將於預約訂單完成後公開,讓沒有出席 Dollvie 2015及海外的顧客作參考,敬請期待~

Dreamy Fantasia


Dollvie 2015 DAY 1

Thank you for visiting my booth today! I am so happy to meet you all.

Sweet Lady (Left) is low in stock.Don't hesitate to bring them home tomorrow if you are interested! I am going to wait for you all at D13~

Dreamy Fantasia

Dollvie 2015 @ D13

Hello everyone!

The coming weekend is Dollvie 2015. Dreamy Fantasia will meet all of you at booth D13. This year I will bring you new collection of underwear and accessories for your precious dolls. I am looking forward to seeing you on coming Saturday and Sunday at Dollvie 2015!

Dreamy Fantasia