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Model: Volks SDGr girl Alice


水晶頭飾 x1
水晶項鏈 x1
閃石蕾絲打褶中空上衣(可調節背部) x1
打褶蕾絲邊T-back小褲褲 x1
閃石打褶蕾絲邊腰帶(可調節背部) x1
星閃閃腰帶前中垂飾 x1
星閃閃手部垂飾 x1
白色蕾絲邊拖尾底裙 x1
星閃閃拖尾裙 x1
閃石臂鐲 x1
珠鏈(蝴蝶結 )x2
珠鏈 x2

*套裝內使用的燙石及水晶均為 Swarovski

尺寸: SDGr/ DD M胸
售價: HKD 1980

尺寸: DD L胸
售價: HKD 2000

尺寸: SD16
售價: HKD 2280

本商品打褶為隨意褶, 每套作品的打褶不可能與圖片絕對相同, 敬請留意.
實物顏色可能因顯示器與照片不同, 一切以實物為準.
本商品含有極為精細的部分, 請仔細及溫柔地處理, 否則可能導致損壞.
本商品預訂款式, 製作期約為30個工作天,
需付半款/全款作訂金, 跑單不退。


Model: Volks SDGr girl Alice

Ondina set:

Size: SDGr /DD M Bust
Price: HKD1980 /set

Size: DD L Bust
Price: HKD 2000/set

Size: SD16
Price: HKD 2280/set


Cystals headpiece x 1
Cystals necklace x 1
Pleated and laced top with transfer stones and beads x 1
Pleated T-back panty with lace trim x 1
Pleated and laced waist band with transfer stones and beads x1
Waist band pleated drape for centre front x1
Star shinning wrist drape x1
White trailing under skirt with Lace trims x 1
Star shinning trailing skirt x1
Decorated arm bangle x1
Bead bracelet( with ribbon bow) x 2
Bead bracelet x 2

Total 14 pieces for a set.
* All transfer stones and crystal in this outfit are all Swarovski products.

As free style hand pleats are used on this outfit, pleats will look slightly different on actual products.
The color in the image could look slightly different from the actual product.
The outfit contains very delicate elements. Rough treatment could cause damage to the outfit, please be gentle when handling the outfit.
This product will need approximately 30 working days for production after the payment is settled.
I use EMS to deliever this item to overseas customers. Shipping fees is required with each order and also it differs depending on the regions of destination.
Paypal is accepted for overseas customers.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any enquaires or if you would like to place an order ~
Email: kingmaihk@yahoo.com.hk


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